Veined whelk

Species name (scientific) Rapana venosa (Valenciennes, 1846)
Species name (English) Veined Rapa Whelk or Asian Rapa Whelk
Class Gastropoda
Family Muricidae
Genus Rapana

Feeding on native mussels, oysters and other molluscs, veined whelk reduced mussel and oyster stocks, thereby causing a decline in the fish stocks that feed on them. For lack of natural predators, the population of this species grew excessively. However, as they multiply excessively, they become an alternative source of revenue for fishermen.

Natural Range
It is a species native to Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea and China Sea.

Introduction Pathway
They arrived from Sea of Japan by ship ballast water.

Range in Turkey
It was first spotted in the Black Sea in 1947 at Russian waters, then in 1962 at Trabzon coasts of Turkish waters. Then it was spotted in 1966 in the Marmara Sea, and in 1969 about Çaltıburnu coasts in the Aegean Sea.